About Me

I am a faerie & fantasy artist from North Yorkshire.
I consider myself mostly self taught (although I have a B-TEC National Diploma in General Art & Design)

I stopped drawing & painting for about 12 years. In late 2007 I picked up the paintbrush again, but It is only in the last year or so that I have been painting regularly.

I paint mostly in watercolours but also use acrylics, gouache, colour pencil and ink. Most of my paintings are ACEO's, these are mini paintings measuring 2.5" x 3.5".

My wire jewellery is made from pure copper with gemstone beads. I use mostly anodised aluminium (coloured aluminium) for my chain maille, but also some copper, brass and titanium. In the future I plan to add art pendants to my jewellery range.

I am inspired by the natural world, myths & legends, fairy tales, books, music and of course all the wonderful faerie and fantasy artists out there.

I love crystals, crows, mushrooms, rainbows, glitter, sparkly stuff, ( think I was a Magpie in a former life ) books, trees and of course paint!!

If you want to contact me please email me at: feyhaven@gmail.com
Please feel free to follow me on Facebook & Twitter.